The 100% American Film Review
My other blog, featuring American movies.

Films that Deserve a Blu ray Release
Sadly no White Chicks

Toronto Film Festival: In Review
Every film I watched at the festival reviewed.

Toronto Film Festival: What I'm Looking Forward To
What I'm watching, what I wanted to see, and why.

Kinema Junpo Top 200 Japanese Films
A guide through a really obscure film list.

Top 20 Orchestrated Film Themes
Featuring the best music, from films which aren't mainstream American.

Top 20 Film Endings
Filled with spoilers. You have to be pretty stupid to click this.

Top 10 Tragic Deaths of Directors
Remembering the famous (Fassbinder), the not so famous (Farrokhzad) and the infamous (Pasolini).

Cinematographer Analysis-Sacha Vierny
A study on Sacha Vierny: the cinematographer of Peter Greenaway and Alain Resnais.

1000 Views Celebration
Thanks to everyone!!!

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